We are a dynamic team of professionals experienced and innovative in promoting music online.

Based in France, we have started a business promotion and marketing using many popular sites of communication networks such as Youtube, Soundcloud, Facebook, or Twitter Mixcloud example.

We stimulate traffic to your pages to promote and so we increase awareness of your songs.

Furthermore, we propose a novel approach, unique and fresh for you to get through social networks more traffic, increasing online credibility and new customers.

We believe that to achieve significant result we must do things differently. Advertising alone is not enough. Contact with social networks and media is essential and beneficial to all.

Cloud-promotion product the best value for money in social marketing. Think of the future, invest for your business or your art with us, the results will not wait.

We are in no way affiliated with Twitter or Facebook.

Thank you for visiting Cloud-promotion.com and we look forward to working with you soon!

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