Mixcloud rethink radio. This London-based company, was founded in 2008 by young surfers love with radios and interesting projects.

They invented a system linking all kinds of audio and music to make them known to listeners passionate or neophytes.

Mixcloud offers the ability to listen and discover the "new music" selected by music lovers around the world. You can also load music, promote radio, DJ's mix or podcast for free.

Mixcloud is currently a major player in the online music community.

From a nice simple interface, Mixcloud is a profitable experience for all! This social platform and music is an innovative and fun to your promotion should not be overlooked.

Our offer:

We propose to increase your online presence by increasing your "plays" that is your online listening, but also increase your Facebook "like" and "tweets" on the songs of your choice , so that your work will affect a wider audience.

To introduce you to the general public and to achieve a certain notoriety, you must be known to all!

Discover how, through our marketing services Mixcloud, you will benefit from this essential music platform to boost up your musical projects.

For this reason, we deliver real services with real users, and this, in compliance with ethical rules.

Do not wait and invest now! Enjoy quick and disseminate the results and your image and sound thanks to our services 100% effective, safe and secure.

Be ambitious and popular, you must get to know and promote your art and your work, make the choice of cloud-promotion!


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